L'Arche foot-washing ritual
April 22, 2014

L’Arche Tahoma Hope Community

I think that we’re all secretly little kids running around with capes on, pretending to be superheroes.  We craft our lives to show an image of strength and vigor, don’t we?  What happens when our emotional armor is stripped, and our weaknesses laid bare?

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Mt Si WA Snoqualmie Seattle
March 28, 2014

Mount Si

The water, mountains, forests, national parks, and rivers that encircle Tacoma present constant temptation.  Drive over the right hill, and you’ll be treated to a breathtaking view of majestic Mount Rainier.  Jog along the waterfront, and the Olympic Mountains to the South beckon for your exploration.

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Whisk Bakery St. Louis MO
February 17, 2014

Whisk: A Sustainable Bakeshop

Dessert is a battleground.  A red velvet cupcake spikes endorphins and blood sugar with equal magnitude.  A bacon, sea salt, and chocolate chip cookie causes excuses to tumble out like crumbs scattering around the interior of your car.

Kaylen Wissinger took issue with the notion of the conflicted dessert.  She has made it her mission to reinvent dessert as an equal benefactor to the tongue and soul.

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Mountain in Ogden, Utah
September 25, 2013

The Trip West

I was sitting in front of my computer in my old apartment in St. Louis begrudgingly mining the internet for job prospects when my phone rang.  An unfamiliar number popped up on the caller ID and an unfamiliar voice answered me on the other end.

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3rd Degree Glass Factory
April 1, 2013

3rd Degree Glass Factory

Glass blowing is a delicate and patient art.  Coincidentally, the patience that Doug Auer applies to his art has carried over to his life in business.  Just as colors and shapes might find their way into Doug’s pieces, opportunity and circumstance have meandered into Doug’s life and provided clarity for his unique mission.  3rd Degree Glass Factory, a project co-polited by Auer and entrepreneur Jim McKelvey, is now a central pillar of the St. Louis art scene and an avenue for education and discovery into the world of glass art.

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Mikes Bikes STL
March 4, 2013

Bianchi Super Pista

Mike’s Bikes STL doesn’t care to wheel and deal Huffy’s to any sucker that will buy them.  Instead, they’re a shop that takes their time building a bike that makes a statement for you.  Using custom components in any color you can imagine, the final product that you roll out the door of the shop with is something uniquely yours.  The shop’s latest build, however, goes above and beyond and takes a crack at being the fastest fixie in St. Louis.

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Ladies First IU a capella
March 1, 2013

Ladies First

Indiana University-based a capella group Straight No Chaser has earned a great deal of acknowledgement, but Ladies First would like you to know boys don’t own the IU a capella scene.  The unique talent of each member of the group cannot be overstated; they all are individually gifted singers whose combined talents form a vocal powerhouse.

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Jim Kopriva car accident
February 26, 2013


On Monday night in October of 2010, I left my college campus on my bike bound for my house a few blocks away.  I woke up the next morning in a hospital.  My hand was broken, face scarred, and knee bashed.  ‘Hit’ is the story of my recovery from that accident.

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Game Nite St. Louis
February 8, 2013

Game Nite

If you consider Monopoly to be a complex board game, you are sorely mistaken.  The world of board games goes much deeper than you could ever know.  I walked into Game Nite in St. Louis and immediately became aware of how small my gaming world was.  Upon entering, a long wall stacked with hundreds of unfamiliar board game titles invited me to a world that I’d never before known: the world of the hardcore analog gamer.

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